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My name is guna i saw the doctor in kovai health center that time i have no child and so many problems sperm counting only 5 mellian after that his treatment i got excellent result at present i have two childrens so many thanks for the god and the doctor.

Sounder Raj

I am sounder raj from Tirupur. very good result, so I am very happy , its very value for my money and my future.


Very good result we have finished six months of medicine all ways very well lot of thanks. we are very happy.


Positive advices with medicine gave me a healthy life. feeling much better thanks to god and doctor.


An amazing experience, very knowledgeable doctor and excellent treatment and result. I strongly recommend for people looking for results


Very useful medicine, now I am completely cured, but no even a side affects, Doctor Jaleel is a great affectionate and good principle man , now I am perfectly cured not only sex problem sugar problem also cured, thank you very much Doctor


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Doctor is very caring, He hear our problems with much patience and explaining his thoughts in a clear way we understand. I feel comfortable and my confidence level increases. He said the medicine give results in 5 days, As per his words, I am visibly seeing the results, Thank you very much. I am so


After detailed discussion with jalal sir, I have started taking the tablets prescribed and visible seeing the results, Thank you very much.


Dr jalal diagnose me with so much of patience and caring, He prescribed me medicines and I can see the positive results.


I had a great visit and the doctor’s caring so great and I feel very confidence after meeting him, thank you


Hi, I have started taking tablets as prescribed by jalal sir, 1 month completed, He advised me to take for another 5 - 6 months. I am visibly seeing the positive results

Kishore Kumar

I met Dr jalal sir before 8 months. He is trustworthy person. He is very good doctor also a good advisor. I am very satisfied with his treatment and best results. I highly recommend dr jalal sir. And I am grateful to give him 5 ratings and he deserved for.


Great doctor, wonderful and warm experience from start to finish. Appreciate Dr. JALAL taking time to go over the diagnosis clearly and treatment options. I am very happy to share with, and finally my wife got conceived. Thanks a ton doctor. Today morning I called him to say my thanks to him.


I loved my experience at Kovai Health and would recommend this hospital to family and friends. Keep up the good work.

Mohammed Asif

Dr. Jalal was knowledgeable and caring… I felt confident by hearing his words. he was great, too. very impressed with the overall experience. HIGHLY recommend.

Sathish Kumar

I had a great experience with dr.jalal sir. More than a doctor he is very good human, down to earth. I feel very satisfied with his treatment. I also wish to recommend for my friend (Couple) who has some problems and spending more than 60,000 and 70,000 per month which they will not find result. I hope they will be successful if they come to kovai health center.


You are the miracle person in our life. Thank you so much for your support. We are blessed with baby girl yesterday. I am happy to give you full rating. No words to say you sir.

Hari prasadh

I have problem more than 10 years problem. But we are very happy to see the miracle positive result. 5 star rating for jalal sir. Thank you so much and we never forget this support in our lifetime.


Completed 7 months of medicine and everything is good. Visibly seeing positive results. Thank you.


I came before 3 months and started taken medicine as suggested by kovai health center. Then suddenly I stopped. But after some days again I continue taking medicine and saw a very positive result, We are very happy for the result.


Very satisfied, Dr jalal sir said we will see the results In 4 months, As per his words, Got conceived. Thank you so much and you are unforgettable in our lifetime.

Surendar Kumar

Thank you for giving a wonderful treatment. Thank you somuch sir.

Vivek Kumar

Very satisfied, Dr jalal sir said we will see the results In 4 months, As per his words, Got conceived. Thank you so much and you are unforgettable in our lifetime


Well satisfied, Dr jalal sir suggested some tablets, We are having hope on his speech and way of determine us exactly. We are arranging for payments and start the treatment as soon as per his suggestions.


Well satisfied, thank you doctor


We are satisfied and five star for jalal sir

Vijay Mohan

We are satisfied with the treatment, Very positive results, Now in the process of taking tablets for second month.

Mujeebur Rahman

Excellent Treatment and well satisfied, Doctor suggested tablets and I am taking the tablets which seems a good positive results.


I am satisfied with his treatment, I started taking tablets.. It almost 15 days and started seeing visible positive results


We are well satisfied and worth for money.. we are happy to give 5 star for jalal sir. You gifted happiness for our family


Since 30 days i was taking tablets and i want to observe some more time, But so far good results and giving 4 stars out of 5

Krishna Kumar

It is almost a month started treatment and feel very good both physically and mentally, I am eager to wait for next month result, I am giving 4 out of 5 (Why because only one thing not cured yet, but I hope it will be alright soon)


Taking treatment since 1 month, Feel good and very positive and I like give full rating for jalal sir


It is my first month, and one or few issues started curing and so happy about it, thanks to sir


I feel so satisfied with kovai health. Since 1 month I am taking the treatment seems well with good results


I got positive result in 3 months, I am so satisfied with KHC, Dr Jalal sir gave me excellent treatment and make the wonder (Conceived) to happen to us, God bless him for his excellent service.


I am contacting Dr Jalal sir since 1 month.. feel very confident and excellent approach.. we feel very good on his speech.. i am happily giving full rating for him.. god bless him.


I know Jalal sir from 2011.. he is very nice person and I always get positive results... Whenever i face problems.. i will contact him and get exact treatment and results..


I know sir from past 20 years.. any problems will visit here only and give me result as well as confident and peaceful.. recently before 20 days i contact him and my problem solved. Thank you very much doctor.




Treatment was good and effective. Got result very quickly and treatment was successful


Excellent results after taking medication with in 10 days . Doctor is available in phone 24/7 any doubts he clear it any time. I feel confident after taking medication. Thank you doctor


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